Frequently Asked Questions

Academy House is designed to meet the needs and enhance the lives of our residence. Here at Academy House you can feel secure knowing that many activities, social and recreational programs, and support services are available when you need them. The following are the most common questions about the services available at the Academy House:

Q: Why choose Academy House?
A: Choosing a residence for yourself or your loved one is one of the most important and difficult decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. You want someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options. If you or a loved one is in need of a structured home environment then Academy House is the choice for you. We provide excellent services in a homelike atmosphere and a partnership with the local mental healthcare professionals who are dedicated to meeting your goals.

"We are a Family Serving Families" is more than just our motto. It is our approach to caring for you and your family. We provide you with the same care and respect we give our own families. We hope you will give "Our Family" the opportunity to serve you and your family's mental health care needs.

Q: What are some local attractions in the community?
A: Living at Academy House is just like living in your own home. You come and go as you please, and have the conveniences of nearby restaurants, delis, banks, retail stores, pharmacy, library, fitness center and many other facilities. We are located within a few minutes from institutions like the Culinary Institute of America, Vassar College and Marist College, Bardovan Theater and the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

Q: What is the admissions process?
A: The first step is to submit a completed application along with your psycho-social history, current psychiatric assessment, and current comprehensive treatment plan and/or discharge plan. The Administrator conducts Admission Interview & Assessment and reviews application and supporting documentation. Required documents must be submitted prior to the face-to-face interview.

Q: How do I get on Academy House’s waitlist?
A: We will contact you when an appropriate accommodation becomes available based on your standing within our wait list and/or the availability of your preference for a single- or double-occupancy.

Q: Do residents have a voice in how Academy House is run?
A: Yes. Residents have several ways to voice their opinion and make suggestions regarding the policies and procedures practiced by the Academy House. Our Residents have the opportunity to share their thoughts and communicate with the management and staff of the Academy House, verbally or anonymously via a Suggestion Box. All operational updates that may have any effect on current practices are shared with all residents in advance prior to implementation. Residents also have a significant role in developing our menu on a week to week basis.

Q: Who is appropriate for Academy House?

  • Not currently physically or verbally aggressive
  • Able to participate in structured daily programming as directed by Individual Action Plan
  • Willing to take medications as prescribed.

Q: What is the typical daily schedule?
A: In addition to their schedule at the Day Treatment Center, we feel that meaningful activity in the home is an important aspect of daily life at Academy House. Daily schedules are organized by Individual Action Plans and can include work, internships, job readiness and acquisition skills, school, therapy, exercise, cooking, budgeting, and computer skills. Elective activities include music therapy, art therapy, dance/movement therapy.

Q: What are the standard methods of payment?
A: We are a private pay facility. The only insurance that will contribute towards our fees are SSI/SSDI.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Administrator directly at 845.505.4961 or via e-mail at