schizophrenic housing and care facilities

Why Choose a Residential Program?

Some individuals with mental illnesses may require long-term care. They may need assistance with activities of daily living, supervision to ensure medication compliance, or a stable and structured environment to manage their symptoms more effectively. Many residential programs address these needs in different ways, and choosing the ‘right’ one for yourself or your loved one is often a complex task. We are available to answer any questions you may have about Academy House to determine whether we are the program you are looking for.

If you are seeking a small, highly individualized, family-like atmosphere, Academy House may be the right choice. With 24/7 supervision every day of the year, a capacity of 18 residents, medication management and supervision, therapeutic groups and activities, and exceptionally trained compassionate staff members, Academy House provides a structured long-term home environment. Residents can work towards greater symptom management, increasing their self-esteem, and learning independent living skills at their own pace. 

Populations Served

Diagnoses we typically work with include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and depression. Residents at Academy House have ranged in age from their mid-twenties to individuals over the age of 65. Some residents stay for a year or two while they work on learning symptom management and independent living skills, while other residents choose to remain at Academy House for many years. All of our residents are kind, empathetic, unique individuals with the potential for further growth and accomplishment.

To be accepted for admission, all residents must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Not currently physically, sexually, or verbally aggressive
  • Able to participate in structured daily programming as directed by Individual Action Plan
  • Willing to take medications as prescribed

We are not able to accept applicants who:

  • Are currently actively suicidal or pose a potential threat to themselves or others
  • Are actively addicted to drugs and/or alcohol (must be sober for a minimum of 6 months)

Our Services

Monthly rates vary depending upon your preference for living space accommodations. Monthly rent includes all basic services. 

Our program is private pay only. Please contact Ben Howard at (845) 505 - 4961 or for more information about our monthly rates.

Basic Services include:

  • Medication management and supervision
  • 24/7 support and supervision from exceptionally            trained on-site staff
  • All in house groups and activities, including but            not limited to: art, music, Dance Movement                    Therapy, yoga, cooking, and gardening
  • Nutritious, freshly prepared family-style meals and        snacks (vegan and vegetarian options are available)
  • Individualized Action Plans
  • Support in scheduling medical appointments and          navigating health insurance
  • Budgeting and checking account management
  • Community integration and volunteer                            opportunities
  • Resume preparation and interviewing skills
  • Assistance and monitoring of activities of daily              living, hygiene and grooming, and skill building
  • In-House Programs:

    Therapeutic and engaging activities offered include Dance Movement Therapy, yoga, gardening, art, Music Therapy, cooking, documentary discussion, dance and music classes, current events discussion, and meditation and mindfulness groups. Many of the groups at Academy House incorporate mindfulness based stress reduction techniques. Residents are always welcome to suggest groups or activities that they would like to engage in. 

    Individualized Action Plans:

    Academy House staff work closely with each resident to set goals and objectives and develop an Individualized Action Plan. These plans are regularly reviewed one on one with staff to track progress. Residents have the opportunity to modify or add goals if they choose to do so. Due to the small size of our program, we are able to closely monitor resident progress towards their goals and provide individualized support if necessary.

    Many residents are working on building up existing or learning new Independent Living Skills, with goals that are often related to: cooking, symptom management and coping skills, time management, computer skills, budgeting, and interviewing skills, among others.

    24/7 Onsite Support:

    For some individuals, knowing that they have access to a reliable and trusted support system can be therapeutic. There is always a staff member at Academy House 24/7, every day of the year. There is always someone available to provide guidance and support, and there is always someone available to listen.

    Academy House places an emphasis on identifying each individual’s strengths and abilities and using these to increase overall independence. Having 24/7 support means having support in developing coping mechanisms so that residents can increase their independence. We place an emphasis on getting to know each resident as an individual – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to providing support. For some people, listening to music is relaxing – for others, it can be overstimulating. We work with each resident individually to strengthen their existing coping mechanisms in addition to developing new ones.

    Everyone can live
    a happy life.

    Phone: 845.505.4961     Fax: 845.625.1512     124 Academy Street, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601